Snacks with a social conscience

At J.Crackleton, we’re serious about snacks. We’re also serious about making a positive impact in the world. That’s why we proud to support Compassion Australia – an organisation that helps disadvantaged children to learn, play and grow by breaking free of poverty.

Compassion builds long-term relationships between children and local churches, who provide them with healthcare, education, life skills and love. While Compassion is a Christian organisation, they assist children and families from all walks of life, regardless of their beliefs, gender or background. They’re currently assisting more than two million kids. We think that’s pretty cool.

When you snack with J.Crackleton, you can feel good knowing that you’re helping us support children in need. Who knew pork crackle could be so powerful? Thanks for helping us pay it forward.

"Supreme Quality Foods have been sponsoring with Compassion for over 16 years. Their generosity is giving some of the poorest children in the world a hope more powerful than poverty. Thank you for your support, it is making a world of difference!"

JAMES THOMPSON Compassion Australia
Area Manager

Our Sponsorships

We proudly sponsor 40 Children worldwide, from Africa and Asia through to Mexico, Central and South America.
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